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“Awesome phone , thanks reach team.. “

Abhi Bangalore

“The  Quadra phone is really great, the camera  quality and the internet speed is very good ……”

Ankita Durgapur

“KOOL PHONE  .Cheers reach mobile ,dil tak  .”

Alakesh Mumbai

“My family really enjoys the features in quadra smart phone. The phone was recommended by a friend of mine for my sister. Considering how brand conscious teens are she took the phone quite well, the phone is excellent”

Govind Singh Punjab

“Quadra is one of the best 3G smart phone in the market with 8 mp camera …”

Saptadip Kolkata

“I am using QUADRA from last 9 months and very satisfied with performance. Please keep update me about upcoming models “

Tanu Agra

“It’s been almost 6 Months I am using the smart  Phone and so far now no complaints. Liked It.”

Raj Assam

“Regus is a  gr8 smart phone with reasonable price and style .”

Samu Sam Patna

“Quadra  One of the best smart phone with many modern features ,battery backup is awesome .”

Hemant Gujarat

“The axis smart phone is nice with low range, the display quality is good ,battery backup and camera quality is also Gr8. Overall performance is good.”

Bikash UP
  • Abhi
  • Ankita
  • Alakesh
  • Govind Singh
  • Saptadip
  • Tanu
  • Raj
  • Samu sam
  • Hemant
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